Choose wisely

(Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash)

The state of our world and the planet is confusing.

We seem to be more connected than ever before, yet we seem to be more out of touch and divided than we have ever been. From nature, from family and friends, from our fellow human beings that make up the communities in the global village we live in.

Available resources are very unevenly distributed.  And so is food. There is over abundance in some places and extreme hunger elsewhere. 

We are tinkering with DNA, geoengineering our biosphere and polluting our environment, destroying forests and exterminating animals. Governments carry out programs and dark projects that harm the population and large scale wars are ongoing non-stop. We are massively sick, stressed and depressed. Awful and shocking events – aka terrorist attacks – take place regularly and many people feel unheard and abandoned by their political representatives. Global and international  institutions determine rules and policies, yet their leaders are appointed, not elected. Throughout history emperors and kings, popular politicians and religious leaders have been murdered or died under suspicious circumstances. Great economic and financial crises hit us quite regularly and just recently we are confronted with the outbreak of the Corona (COVID-19) virus, bringing to halt most of the world’s economic activity.

And then there are of course topics such as alien abductions, UFO’s, withheld medical treatments or cures, mysteries surrounding ancient civilizations and technologies, secret space programs, the faked moon landing, the flat and hollow earth theories, the hollow moon theory, crop circles and the paranormal, just to name a few.

Some claim this state of affairs  is the result of a secret agenda being executed by an elite – the so-called 1%, the deep state, the illuminati, the freemasons, the banksters, the 13 bloodlines and so on. Their alleged goal: a one world government, a microchipped population, a global currency and one global army.

Others call the above mentioned themes conspiracy theories for lack of inconclusive circumstantial evidence.

Or could it simply be the continuing collective expression of human nature.

Whatever the case may be, what one believes regarding all these topics should be based on knowledge and most of all on the truth. And herein lies the great challenge, namely discerning the truth from what is false and on a deeper level: to know right from wrong.  Since ultimately, my fellow truth seekers, we are faced with a moral choice. 

It is my sincere wish that may – albeit ever so modestly – contribute to that process.

Choose wisely.

Paul G.

P.S. As for me, I believe that there are guiding laws and principles that govern our universe – creation as a whole if you will- and all that is in it. You may call it God, that is fine too. Can you feel it?